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Calypso: 4lbs Organic, Sterilized Mushroom Casing Layer

Calypso: 4lbs Organic, Sterilized Mushroom Casing Layer

By The Humble Fungus

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Formulated to meet all of the nutritional requirements for all species of fruiting fungi. Casing layers help trigger pinning, prevent contamination and helps retain more humidity for your fungi living in a bulk substrate. Every batch is hydrated to proper field capacity and is mixed thoroughly, resulting in a light, fluffy and PH balanced blend. Every batch of our casing layer contains peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, gypsum, lime and other minerals. Each 100% recyclable Unicorn bag is filled, weighed, and sterilized, then cooled and sealed in front of our MERV-rated, HEPA filtered flow hood. Our bags are available to be used immediately and are shelf-stable for up to 12 weeks from the batch date.


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