Cultivator's Manufacturing SOP & Log Framework

The Mushroom Champ

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Looking to optimize and streamline your farm? Especially through manufacturing and logging tasks?

Tired of losing information and not taking accurate notes?

Look no further... We've got the perfect system for you!

Framework Overview:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Recipes
  • Paper Log Templates
  • Digital Batch Record System & Spreadsheet
  • Built-In Cost Analytics

What's Included:

  • Detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Recipes, Step-by-Step Instructions, and Cost Analytics for making your own substrate mediums, at any scale.
    • Agar Mediums
      • Sorghum, Yeast, Peptone Agar SOP
      • Potato, Dextrose, Yeast, Peptone Agar SOP
      • Water Agar SOP
    • Liquid Culture Broth
      • Sorghum, Potato, Yeast, Peptone Broth SOP
    • Grain Substrates
      • Sorghum Millet SOP
      • Corn Millet SOP
      • Rye only SOP
    • Final Fruiting Substrates
      • Manure Susbtrate SOP
      • Hardwood Substrate SOP
    • All-In-One Kits
      • Manure All-in-One SOP
      • Hardwood All-in-One SOP
    • Cost breakdown per gram analytics
    • Time breakdown associated for each product used
  • Log Systems
    • Paper log systems for each category below with associated digital spreadsheet tab to centralize all data for your farm production scope.
    • Track everything from spore to dry fruit bodies in one place.
    • Product Logs
      • Track each product category crafted with special lot SKUs and dates with the ability to record lots (or invoices) used to make each product, the times and dates created, equipment cleaned, amounts made, and initials of who made them with any necessary notes.
      • Agar
      • Liquid Culture Broth
      • Grain
      • Substrate
      • All-in-One
    • Inoculation Log
      • Track inoculation dates, associated base and inoculant product SKU lots, modifiers, amounts made and lost, and inoculation notes.
    • Syringe Log
      • Track syringe production by date created, liquid culture SKU lots, syringe and cap lots used, amount made and lost and initials of who made them with any necessary notes.
    • Fresh Fruit Log
      • Track fresh fruit production by date harvested with substrate SKUs, blocks harvested, flush numbers, harvest weights (before trim), trimmed weights, dry weights (after dehydration - if necessary), and initials of who did each step along with any necessary notes.
      • Calculations done in digital Spreadsheet automatically:
        • Biological Efficiency calculation
        • Dry fruit conversion form Fresh fruit calculation
    • Dry Fruit Log
      • Track dry fruit packaging by date packed with culture SKUs, dry weight packed, Fresh fruit lots used, along with bag, desiccant, and oxygen absorbers used for packaging with the initials of who did the packaging.
      • This log is optional due to the nature of fresh fruit production being used or sold immediately.

SOP & Log Bundle purchases receive a FREE paid hour consultation with Bradford on how to utilize and optimize your farm setup with our framework.

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